How do you know if health information on a website is reliable? Do you know what questions to ask you health care provider?


Professionals and Service Providers

Information, resources and tools to help professionals and service providers embed health literacy in their work and organization.




The Health Literacy Council of Canada promotes health literacy in Canada through partnerships and sharing of resources and tools across sectors.


Welcome to the Website is dedicated to promoting health literacy in Canada and around the world. This website provides health literacy information, resources and tools for the public and professionals. provides organizations, governments and employers with a virtual space to engage each other, share resources, tools and expertise and strengthen health literacy collaboration across jurisdictions. Our goal is to improve the health of all Canadians by improving health literacy.

What is health literacy

For many, accessing and understanding health information and services can be difficult. It can be especially difficult for someone feeling ill, anxious or in pain. Being able to access and understand information can make a difference to your health and well-being.

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Health Literacy and You

young woman readingMany people in Canada lack the level of literacy required to function well in relation to the information demands of modern life. An even greater number lack the skills required to respond to the health information demands of different health contexts.   |  Read more

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